Why audience need to enter cinema earlier before the movie start?

In group cinema there is a distinctive reminder of the same in every cinema, the voice of a calling who preaches the studios there. If the words are “Theater doors have been opened, the audiences who have the tickets are welcome to enter the theater room”. This means we can enter the studio. If the words are already “Theater show in the theater has already begun, to the audiences who have tickets, but still outside the theater, are welcome to enter the theater room.” This means we have to hurry into the theater room because the movie already started and the ads are up. In other cinema there are no reminders so being careful.

After listening to the signal we must go to the studio where we watch. Take out our tickets and be torn to the same officer standing in front of the studio door. This officer does not mean ignorant to make us have to buy tickets again because our ticket is tampered but torn into two parts according to the part that is made for one so archive cinema while the other for the keepsake for us.

If we enter the studio before the cue “movie show in theater so …”, then we will get ads commercials, movie trailers, and announcements. Beware and be careful if you bring the children because the trailer of the movie that is shown sometimes contains horror movies even scary movie clips which can make little children afraid or frighten them until they have nightmare in the midnight sleep later. It is better to choose movie genre that suit the children audience if the watching movie is not only adult people as children tend to remember all childhood moment later including going to the cinema to watch movie.

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