The Best Cheap 3D Printer Reviews under $500

The 3D printers are now available in wide range of prices. You can own it at price $1000. But if you want the cheaper price, you could go to the nearest store and get the $300 to $500 items. But before you drop your choice on a brand new 3D printer, make sure you read the best cheap 3D printer reviews at its price!

The Best Cheap 3D Printer under $300

Qidi Tech X-One 2 gets 4.6 on Metascore and makes it the best product on the entry-level market. It comes with compact size and designed for the beginners that want to try the 3D printed world. It also includes with upgraded MK10 extruded and has user-friendly touch screen. The Qidi Tech is also available in other series that comes with more features.

The Best Cheap 3D Printer under $200

The next time you think that you can’t own a 3D printer when you have less than $200, think again. The Monoprice Select Mini V2 is here to stay. It is lightweight with just 9.9 lb and portable so easy to operate. Even though it comes under $200, but surprisingly, it offers high-quality print. This one is totally recommended for the beginners that still new with the 3D technology.

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