How to Cornrow Natural Hair?

For you who have long hair, it would be less interesting if you never try a new style hairstyle. Less creative too if only always tied ponytail only. Let’s create beautiful creations with long hair you let add hits.

Not just complicated, you can use styles that match you. There are many options you can try. You can do it yourself, or ask your friends or family for help. Curious how? Here’s a simple way to make long hair creations add beautiful.

Solve your cornrow. When you reach the nape of the neck, there may still be hair or hair ran out. If your hair is short, you will finish the cornrow by twisting the ends of the braid together to secure it and prevent it from breaking down again. If your hair is a bit long, you’ll continue braiding cornrow over the nape in the usual braids. Wrap the tip of the hair to secure the braids, when you are done.

-You can choose to use small, light-colored elastic rubber to hold your cornrow in place, if you’re afraid the bait will slack.

-Some people choose to decorate the ends of the braids with beads as decorative details.

Cornrow the rest of your hair. Work along your scalp, partially splitting your hair and braids in a cornrow shape. The process can take some time, so do not worry if it takes a few hours to complete. Make sure that each cornrow is the same size and follow the same pattern, so that the braids are flat and tight along your head.

-If your hair comes out of its braid, it does not seem moist enough and your braids are not tight enough. Add more oil or gel to fix it.

-You may need help from someone to make sure that all rows are flat and parallel, especially on the back of your head.

How to Care for Your Cornrows?

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