Define Goals for Android Games

Create long-term and medium-term goals for Android Game. A game sometimes has something called a “secondary mechanism” or “secondary game play”. By using the mechanism of the main game play, for example jumping, players can also use a secondary game play like stepping on an opponent when landing or collecting items. This secondary game play can be used to be a long-term achievement in the game, for example by collecting coins at each level, players can save it and buy upgrades that can help finish the game.

From the example above, you may unknowingly have included a secondary game play. Just make sure that your player can instantly be aware of the aspect you are installing. If after 10 minutes your player just thinks your game is just shooting the enemy incessantly, in a few minutes he’ll be bored. If she gets a coin after defeating the first enemy, she will know that she has a goal, or at least wonder what the function of the coin is, and will eventually continue to play.

Test it. Test each level you made up to several times, and ask friends or people you know to help you try it out. Try to play the game with a variety of approaches, from using the proper way, or using a strange and unusual way of ignoring the mission and directly fighting the final boss, or trying to finish the game with the worst resources. The testing process is a long and frustrating process, but fixing bugs and perfecting your game play is what you should do before your game is released.

Here’s enough information on your test team. They need to know basic things like controls, but they do not need to know all the things.

Give your testers feedback form so you can record all the information and read and refer back later. In this form you can also ask some specific questions about your game.

The most helpful testers are people who do not know you and are not reluctant to give you criticism and suggestions.

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