History of Black Leather Jackets Trend

The bomber jacket began to receive widespread public attention when the cinema aspect adopted it as a costume for aeronautical themed films, such as one of the Top Gun movies starring Tom Cruise in the decade of the 80s.

Golden Era of Black Leather Jackets Trend

In the same era, the bomber jacket also gained popularity when worn by actor Ewan McGregor in the movie Renton which revolves around the skinhead cultural background in the scope of the urban English community.

In the realm of fashion, bomber jackets have actually been long enough in demand, especially among young skinhead adherents in the ’80s to early’ 90s. There was a time lag for a decade more when the bomber jacket no longer interested the audience. New when processed by the hands of genius Kim Jones for the Louis Vuitton line of men’s collection, bomber jackets again received a very positive market response.

Since then, Louis Vuitton always insert elemental bomber jacket in every collection of men’s clothing line. Over time, various other fashion houses also include something similar in the collection of men’s clothing, such as Burberry and Valentino bomber jacket for example.

How to Wear Black Leather Jacket Women with Sunglasses?

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