Importance to keep citi card usage ratio low

Most people think closing unused credit cards is the best way. In fact, it is not the best solution for credit card users. Closing your credit card account will actually damage your credit score or credit utilization ratio. Well, the higher your ratio, the greater the negative impact on credit score.

Tips on how to solve the problem is that even if there is a credit card that is not used, let alone the credit card remains open. The goal is to keep your credit card usage ratio low.

Tutorial How to Use Citi Cards Wisely

Use credit cards wisely. Avoid making mistakes on the use of credit cards that could adversely affect your financial condition. This is certainly true for all Citi card login credit card users. Use the best credit cards to benefit and benefit you. That way, the use of credit cards can certainly help and have a good impact on your finances.

Currently credit cards are no longer items that belong to additional needs. Over time, credit cards have become a major requirement in this millennial era. Evident from the number of credit card users in this country has reached about 15 million people

With the various facilities and services offered, the existence of a credit card has become an option. Even to have a credit card was now easier. Everything, can be done online.

But some hesitations do not seem to get out of some people, wondering when exactly the right time to have a credit card. Check first if this is the right time or not for you to apply for a credit card. Here’s a sign that you should be holding a credit card for example

Before applying for a credit card, you should first understand your financial ability. Make sure that you are now eligible to have a credit card when it is financially capable.

 Should You Close an Old Citicards Login?

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