iPhone Giveaway by Posting Your Holiday

Reference: www.winiphonegiveaway.com

One type of iPhone giveaway event usually held by famous magazine. It often required the participant to upload their favorite holiday picture, especially if the magazine is about travelling or made for young consumer. You will be asked to post your holiday picture on Instagram or to send it by email to them, and then you can win the brand new iPhone. However, you need to compete with other participant of course. Most people though that it required “luck” aspect to win the prize. In fact, in this type of competition, you need to understand the rule and the trick for it.

If you are asked to upload picture, it means that you need to have the best picture which can attract the event promotor more than other pictures existed. It doesn’t mean that you need to be professional photographer to capture your best moment with best angle. What you need to do is just know how to capture photo with the good angle. For inspiration, you can brainstorm by looking at other great photos existed on internet. If the magazine which held the iPhone giveaway event is photographic magazine, then you can learn from the photos on it. Then, you can take photo from different angle and try to capture many times to compare and choose the best one.

Then, you can use editing application to beautify your photo result. Don’t ever feel not confidence to use the editing tools. In fact, usually magazine cover and even professional photographer could create best artistic picture by editing them. Then you can begin with adjusting the contrast and the brightness. Then you can use the zooming effect, which only focus on the main subject in the picture. After struggling with all those things, you can have chance to win the iPhone giveaway competition. So keep trying and never give up before trying.

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