How Long For Processing Credit Card Submissions?

The process of filing a credit card can sometimes be constrained. It’s good you know in advance what needs to be prepared before you apply for a credit card. Thus you will more easily get credit card approval. Consider the following data from you that are often requested by the bank.

Net Credit History

Make sure you have a clean credit history, which means you never have a problem with credit loans in banks or other financial institutions. This will be accessed by credit card issuing bank through Debtor Information System issued by Central Bank. That way all your activities related to banks and financing institutions will be listed there. If you have a bad credit score, then certainly your credit card application will not be approved by the bank.

Give a Fix Line Phone Number

It’s important for the bank to verify you, your office, your family at home, and also the in-house family you put in the app. You need to provide a fixed line phone number, in order to score your application well and meet the bank’s criteria. Make sure you tell home people, office parties, and also families not home about the submission that you do so they are not surprised if at any time contacted the bank.

Enable and Use Your Credit Card Smartly Later

In general, banks will need about 14 days in processing credit card submissions. If approved, you will receive it immediately after the bank verification process. Activate your credit card by contacting the issuing bank over the phone and do not forget to sign your card as soon as it is activated. Use your credit card smartly and make timely payments to avoid any fees charged by your bank.

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