Types of free credit cards offered

Types of free credit cards offered

Types of free credit cards offered

Lately, there are types of free credit card offered by a number of institutions relating to their brand or institution, with the name of the relevant brand or institution in addition to the name of the credit card issuing bank.

The Co-branding Credit Card Type

Credit cards issued by issuing banks in cooperation with other companies such as airlines, shopping centers, travel agents, etc. These usually offer special rates for purchasing certain products. In addition, other offers can be points that if collected can be used to obtain discounts or bonuses. Co-branding cards are usually free of annual dues, but as always with higher interest rates.

Affinity Credit card Choice

Just like a co-branding card, affinity credit cards are also a collaboration between a publishing bank and another party, in the form of organizations such as college alumni associations, sports clubs, social institutions, or other institutions. These credit cards also usually offer discounts or prizes.

If you feel you need offers offered by a particular co-branded or affinity credit card, please apply for the benefits.

Adjust to Needs of The User

So, with the many credit cards that promise a variety of interesting offers and benefits, of course you must be wise and smart in selecting and choosing and do not just be consumed by ads or lucrative promos from publishers. Hopefully a number of ways above can help you in choosing the right credit card according to your needs and abilities.

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