How to Understand PointClickCare Developer Program?

PointClickCare Developer Program was launched around March this year. The purpose of the program is to add value to customers. The program was built to enrich documentation and other data related to patients’ health record. A question may be asked, what are the significant benefits of this Developer Program? Well, the answer can easily be understood that the program was built to invite software developers to build on Point Click Care platform. This solution is expected to improve the quality of care provided by the platform, such as a quick, cost-effective care delivery. Point Click Care admitted that they are looking forward to innovative new solutions for the betterment of the care.

The Goal of Point Click Care Developer Program

The ultimate goal of the program is, of course, to provide bridges between customers and the health systems; to allow them to work together, better and smarter than ever before. It is guaranteed that a great coordination would be achieved through this program because the integration also occurs between the health system and post-acute care providers. In simple words, the developer program widens the reach of Point Click Care. Through this program, Point Click Care is able to provide thorough operations which benefit both customers and providers.

With such advance program, Forbes has acknowledged Point Click Care in its Top 100 Private Cloud Companies for 2016, while in 2017 the platform has also been recognized by KLAS Research for Best in KLAS vendor in term of Long-term Care for amazing four consecutive years. With massive complex requirements coming from senior care demand, Point Click Care helps providers to connect and create a balanced coordination within the health system. Accordingly, it is reported that in today’s medical operation, there are approximately 15,000 skilled nursing facilities, senior communities, and home health agencies use this platform to optimize the entire medical operations.

PointClickCare Skilled Nursing Facilities is Very Popular


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