Viscose Cotton and Tence Material

Viscose Cotton and Tence Material

Viscose Cotton and Tence Material

Luxury bedspreads UK also has other materials such as Viscose Cotton and Tence. Viscose cotton: this cotton is commonly also known as CVC fabric. It has a cotton composition of about 60-70%, viscose material is soft and comfortable on the skin. Viscose cotton is also called Korean cotton. This cotton is commonly used as a material shirt, pants, jacket and also bed sheet.

In addition to soft and comfortable, this material has advantages that are not easily tangled and shrunk in a long time, so it can be used in a long time. For single size, this material bed sheet with price starting from 150 thousand rupiah depending on selected brand.

Luxury Bedspreads UK with Tence Material

Tence: Tence is a type of premium material whose thread count count exceeds 400. This is enough to explain the quality of tence materials.

Tence is one type of organic material formed from natural cellulose derived from wood fibers. In our country this material is known as organic silk. This material has some advantages, such as the ability to absorb sweat better than ordinary cotton, the material is super soft, and anti-bacterial because all tence material because it is made of organic material, so it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Organic materials make tence priced at a more expensive price than other materials, with premium quality assurance. Price tencel material is priced from 500 thousand to 2 million rupiah. For those who have skin problems, the tence material becomes the recommended material.

Bedsheet Suitable for Tropical Country: After reading the reviews about the above materials, what materials are suitable for the state of Indonesia? In our opinion, materials suitable for the tropical as Indonesia are a material that is able to absorb sweat well and feel cold on the skin.

Materials that are able to absorb sweat well one of them is Japanese cotton. The price is quite affordable can be your consideration. The quality offered is very good, the colors do not easily fade, and also durable to use.

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